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Inclement Weather Plan - Remote Learning Days 2021-2022

Inclement Weather Plan - Remote Learning Days - updated 10/29/2021 - click here


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Norton City Schools
Remote Learning Days

During the 2021 legislative session, the General Assembly passed House Bill 1790 and Senate Bill 1132 allowing the use of up to ten unscheduled remote learning days (full or partial) to apply to the 180-day or 990-hour teaching time requirement when the closure is due to severe weather conditions or other emergency situations.

Remote learning days will encourage the continuation of academic instruction on days when school would otherwise be cancelled.  Each school will create plans to deliver instruction to every student in the district and provide for student and teacher interaction on Remote Learning Days, with the ultimate goal of continuing instruction.  These days will count as instructional days for Norton City Schools. The instructional process shall be a continuation of learning that is occurring on regular student attendance days. 

 As Remote Learning days are considered instructional days, all K-12 students are expected to participate. NCS will follow the NCS guidance for attendance on these days.  Schools will track and record attendance in PowerSchool for participation in remote learning days. 

Remote Learning days are considered teacher instructional days and count towards fulfilling the number of instructional days required by contract. As such, teachers are required to work virtually on Remote Learning days. They do not have to report to the school building, but they must be available to students from 8:30 am-3 pm. Teachers should be accessible to the students virtually or by other communication methods in case of questions about the coursework.  However, other tasks such as calling students or conducting record-keeping tasks may also be assigned at the discretion of the principal.

If a teacher is unable to work on an NTI day, leave time must be used according to Division policy.  A substitute will not be required.

Building Principals and Central Office Staff
The Building Principals and Central Office Staff are required to work on Remote Learning days. It is the Superintendent’s discretion as to the work location and duties.

Similar as to the teachers, school counselors are required to work on Remote Learning days. It is at the building principal’s discretion as to the work location and duties.


If working on Remote Learning days, paraprofessionals may help monitor the virtual classroom, make “check-in” calls with students, or perform any number of tasks related to typical duties.
If not working on remote learning days, building principals will develop a plan for paraprofessionals to meet the contracted workday agreement. 

Clerical Staff
Clerical staff duties may include answering parent and student calls, performing typical office tasks, or assisting the principals as needed.
Clerical Staff are expected to work on remote learning days.
Food Service 
If not working on remote learning days, the Food Service Director will provide a plan for food service personnel to meet the contracted workday agreement. 

Custodial staff will conduct regular work activities or special assignments from the building principal. 

Children’s Inc. will be an involved partner in the Remote Learning day plan. They will survey/assess the need for their services and can assist the school division by providing childcare services to NCS families.  This would be in-line with the services they currently provide.  Involving community partners in the Remote Learning days promotes cooperation, involvement, and implementation of the program. For more information, please contact Children’s Inc. at 276-791-6120. 

Breakfast and lunch will be provided to students.  Families may come by the schools to pick up the meals between the hours of 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM.  Bagged items for breakfast and a boxed, hot lunch will be available on Remote Learning days. If we know ahead of time of possible closures, we will send meals home with students the day before the closure. 

Extra-Curricular Activities
It is recommended to not hold extra-curricular activities on Remote Learning days. The Remote Learning days do count as instructional days; however, if school is closed due to travel hazards, it is not recommended for students to gather for extracurricular activities after school hours.

Remote Learning- Instruction days are not a “free day” for teachers or students.  They are considered instructional days where teaching and learning occurs. 

The format that will be used for Remote Learning days:
Instructional materials/assignments are to be added to Google Classroom weekly.
Teachers are recommended to utilize the Comprehensive Instructional Plan to determine relevant content for the winter months or provide learning modules to review essential skills, provide enrichment activities and/or Project Based Virtual Learning opportunities.
Packets should be created monthly that contain relevant lessons and content for the students’ accessing content remotely. 

Depending on how accustomed the students have become to using online classroom instructional methods throughout the current school year, the presentation of new material during Remote Learning days is recommended to be limited, but it is acceptable.  
*The exception for this recommendation is Dual Enrollment courses, in which case the students are likely able to learn new material with little direct instruction. However, if the normal class routine is self-paced or individual learning, new material may be introduced, as necessary. 

Students were surveyed at the beginning of the year for technology needs of all learners.  Families indicated if they had technology needs for items such as: devices, internet access, jump drives, packets, etc.  If a student has a need that has not been identified, please contact the school that your child attends as soon as possible to make arrangements.
The Division and School websites will have a link dedicated to Remote Learning days and general information. 

Plans for providing for the educational needs of students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) on Remote Learning days will be followed.  Special Education accommodations will continue to be met on Remote Learning days. In each student’s IEP team meeting, a plan should be created relating specifically to how IEP accommodations will be met on these days (Remote Learning days are defined as virtual/remote learning days due to inclement weather.)
Remote Learning day procedures would vary depending on a student’s individual needs but could include, for example, the regular classroom teacher adjusting the lesson to meet accommodations, the special education teacher creating student specific lessons, or the regular education and special education teachers working together to adjust or create lessons. Procedures for Remote Learning days could also include, for example, sending familiar manipulatives home with the students, downloading lessons or educational games onto a tablet and sending it home, creating lessons focusing on life skills, or using technology to create face-to-face learning experiences. The regular education and special education teachers must be available to students virtually, or by other communication methods in case of questions about the coursework.

Remote Learning day procedures would vary depending on a student’s individual needs. The English Learner teacher must be available to students virtually, or by other communication methods in case of questions about the coursework.


The Manager of Emergency Services for Norton City provides updates from the National Weather Service. Multiple online weather sites are checked. TV and radio forecasts are considered. Occasionally, Superintendents and Transportation Managers from other divisions are in communication. Decisions to use Remote Learning Instructional Days or an altered schedule will be made as early as reliable information is available to make a sound decision. 

Remote Learning days will be used for school closures during the 2021-22 school year. Norton City Schools may also utilize a traditional two (2) hour delay schedule. 
Three (3) hour delay schedule will also be a consideration for the 2021-22 school year.

5:30 AM- Start Checking Roads
6:00 AM- Re-Check Weather Conditions
A decision to alter the schedule may be made at this time. If not, then:
6:00 – 6:15 AM- Superintendent Notified of all Street Conditions by Transportation Manager
If the schedule is altered - 6:15 – 6:30 AM- Calls to Radio/Television Stations, Etc.
7:30 – 8:30 AM- Delayed Schedule to Remote Learning day
If the delayed schedule needs to be changed to “Remote Learning day,” the Central Office Staff calls radio and television stations. The Superintendent and/or Technology Manager sends out a message via Social Media, email, voice call, and/or text message. The School Division Website is updated.
Early Dismissal
There are times when the daily school schedule must be altered after the school day has begun. These “early dismissals” may be caused by inclement weather or other emergencies that could impact student and staff safety. When the school administration is alerted to the possible need to dismiss school early, communication is initiated immediately with agencies and individuals who are knowledgeable of the situation that has created the emergency. Information is gathered quickly by school administrators, and a careful analysis of the facts is conducted before the Superintendent makes the decision to dismiss early.
Once this decision is made, the same media that are used for a “delayed schedule” are used by school administrators to notify parents, staff and others of the decision. Every effort is made to make this call in a timely manner to allow for adjustments in schedules and arrangements for the safety of students and staff. 

When temperatures are expected to be below 15 degrees we will consider making a schedule change.  Factors to be considered during these conditions include cloud cover, wind chill, radiant heat factor, and hourly temperature changes. When temperatures drop to single digits during the time of normal bus routes, a delayed schedule may be used. This will enable custodial and maintenance staff more time to ensure that all areas of the buildings are heated properly prior to the arrival of students and staff and that buses are able to start and warm appropriately prior to departure for routes. 

If a schedule is altered (2 or 3 hour delay) every effort will be made to notify families and the community by 6:30 AM.
If the delayed schedule needs to be changed to a Remote Learning day every effort will be made to make the decision no later than 8:30 AM. 

2or 3 hour delay
* On 2 or 3 hour delays, alternate bus routes/stops may be used as deemed necessary.
Remote Learning Days
All students remote/virtual learning- Teachers do not report to schools but must be available to students from 8:30 AM-3 PM virtually or by other communication methods in case of questions about the coursework.
Division Closure
Power and other required utilities have been impacted and not widely available throughout the school division and in Norton City which requires a complete closure of Norton City Schools.