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School Operations-Health & Safety Procedures

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Updated August 6, 2021

Updated March 31,2022


Mitigation Strategies

  • NCS will promote vaccination as a public health strategy for ending COVID-19 by offering Vaccination Clinics through the Virginia Department of Health at school sites throughout the year, specifically, before the start of school in the fall. Promoting vaccination can help our schools safely return to in-person learning, as well as participating in extracurricular activities and sports. 

  • DOLI updated on March 23, 2022: As the population of vaccinated and natural immunity increase, the level of transmission and health risks in our community is reduced. This increased level of community immunity is an important step on Virginia’s path to normalcy. During this transition period of near normalcy, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Department of Labor and Industry support and respect the rights of individuals to choose whether to wear masks or to not wear masks in non-federally mandated environments, unless required by law or as medically appropriate in cases of acute illness or in certain healthcare environments.


  • Masks are optional for all employees and students of Norton City Schools.

  • Norton City Schools will adhere to three feet of social distancing in classrooms to the greatest extent possible.

  • Ventilation, handwashing, and respiratory etiquette, staying home when sick, and getting tested will be encouraged. Information about symptoms of COVID-19 and daily self screening information will be made available to parents on the Division website, social media outlets, School Messenger, and electronic school signage. 

  • Cleaning and disinfecting school buildings and buses will occur on a routine weekly basis, or more often as needed. 

  • Sanitizing stations and other necessary supplies will be available in each classroom and throughout the school buildings for use. 

  • Students, teachers, and staff will be made aware that they should stay home when they have signs of infectious illness and to visit their healthcare provider for testing and care. 

  • NCS will monitor community transmission and occurrence of outbreaks to guide decisions on the extent of layered prevention strategies necessary at any given time. 

  • Virginia Department of Health COVID- 19 Metrics will continue to be  monitored to help make informed decisions:


t 6, 2021