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Middle School Band  

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The middle school bands at NEMS meet several times a week to practice and prepare concert band literature. 

We begin in the 5th grade, allowing all interested students to participate, provided that they spend the time practicing and learning their instrument. We perform three concerts a year; Fall, Winter, and Spring. We perform these concerts for the entire student body of the middle school. 


  • How we go on

    Hello Everyone, 

    As you know, we wont be returning to school this year. That means that the only way for us to continue a meaningful music education we will have to take it upon ourselves to learn. Mrs. Gabby and I have posted music activities and games on the specialist teacher page so you can practice your music reading and rhythms. 

    Otherwise I am offering private lessons over google hangouts to every one of my band kids. If you are interested please have a parent contact me so that we can set up weekly lessons. IT is very important that you keep practicing!! I miss you guys, but be assured that we will hit the ground running in the Fall. Thanks!

  • COVID Details!

    Middle School Band,

    In the time until school resumes I'd like you to do your best not to let all of our hard work fall apart. Practice if you can, but if you cannot I'd like you to at least listen to the concert music, and also take a look at some professional music that is being offered during the self-quarantine. 


    I've attached YouTube links to all of the songs I've chosen for the concert. Please take a listen and get familiar with them. I'll also be posting some review assignments you can do if you get bored!

    Be safe and healthy. Later on!

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