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Lenowisco Letter 2-3-22 - Student COVID Booster



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February 3, 2022


Dear Parents or Guardians of Students 12 years of age and older,


The Lenowisco Health District is pleased to offer the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster for those students 12 years of age and older at the schools in Norton on the following dates.  The link to the clinics is also provided to help you schedule your child’s appointment.  If you have any issues scheduling the appointment, please contact your local health department for assistance.


The schedule is as follows:

Norton Elementary/Middle School                     Wednesday March 2, 2022     9:30-9:45 AM

J I Burton High School            Wednesday March 2, 2022    10:30-11:00 AM


Students between 12-17 years of age are NOT eligible to receive a booster dose unless it has been 5 months since they received their second dose of Pfizer vaccine.


COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise in our schools and communities. Receiving a booster dose of vaccine provides further protection and reduces the risk of disease, hospitalization, and death, and may also protect friends, family, and the community.  Wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands, along with receiving the COVID-19 vaccine booster, are important tools to help prevent the spread of disease.  Common side effects from the vaccine include pain at the injection site, headache, muscle or joint pain, fever, and chills.  These side effects typically resolve within 12-24 hours.  Please review the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for specific vaccine information.   


To register your student for a vaccine, you will sign them up online on the VDH VASE+ system.  To schedule the appointment, review the EUA, and sign the consent, please use the specific vaccine link for your child’s school:


                Norton Elementary/Middle School:


    J I Burton High School:



Best Regards,



Michelle McPheron, Nurse Manager

LENOWISCO and Cumberland Plateau Health Districts