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Wellness Policy

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Book: Policy Manual
Section: Section J - Students
Code: JHCF
Status: Active
Adopted: July 10, 2006
Last Revised: July 20, 2020
Prior Revised Dates: July 10,2006;August 18,2008;June 13,2013;June 12, 2017;September 10, 2018;1/20/20;7/20/20




Norton City Schools (NCS) is committed to the holistic development of every student.  We believe that for students to achieve personally, academically, and socially, we must create a positive, safe, and healthy learning environment at all levels and in all settings during the school year.  



          Based on review and consideration of evidence-based strategies and techniques, the Norton City School Board has established the following goals to promote student wellness. 


Nutrition Promotion and Education

School Meals                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Norton City Schools is committed to serving healthy meals to children, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free and low-fat milk that are moderate in sodium, low in saturated fat, and have zero grams trans-fat per serving (nutrition label or manufacturer’s specification) as well as meeting the nutrition needs of school children within their calorie requirements. The school meal programs aim to improve the diet and health of school children, help mitigate childhood obesity, model healthy eating to support the development of lifelong healthy eating patterns and support healthy choices while accommodating cultural food preferences and special dietary needs.

  • All schools within the division participate in USDA child nutrition programs, including the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), The School Breakfast Program (SBP), and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). All schools within the division are committed to offering school meals through the NSLP and SBP programs, and other applicable federal child nutrition programs, that:

  • Are accessible to all students
  • Are appealing and attractive to children;
  • Are served in clean and pleasant settings;
  • Meet or exceed current nutrition requirements established by local, state, and federal statues or regulations. (The division offers reimbursable school meals that meet USDA nutrition standards.)
  • Promote healthy food and beverage choices using the following Smarter Lunchroom techniques;
    • Whole fruit options are displayed 

    • Sliced or cut fruit is available

    • Fruit options are displayed in a location in the line of sight and reach of students.

    • All staff members, especially those serving, have been trained.

    • White milk is placed first in the beverage coolers.

    • Students will be offered a salad daily. 

    • A reimbursable meal can be created in any service area available to students.

    • Daily vegetable options are bundled into all grab-and-go meals.

    • Students will have opportunities to do surveys to inform menu development. 

  • Menus will be posted on the division website or individual school website.

  • Nutritional content and ingredients from the menu are available on the school menu website.

  • Students are served lunch at a reasonable and appropriate time of day.

  • Participation in federal child nutrition programs will be promoted among students and families to help ensure that families know what programs are available in their children’s school.



  • Food and beverages that meet or exceed the USDA Smart Snacks in the Schools nutrition standards may be sold through fundraisers on the school campus during the school day. 

  • Fundraising during and outside school hours will sell only non-food items or foods and beverages that meet or exceed the Smart Snacks nutrition standards. These fundraisers may include but are not limited to, donation nights at restaurants, cookie dough, candy and pizza sales, market days, etc.

  • If a school decides to sell a food or beverage that does not meet the Smart Snack nutrition standards, then the fundraising item must be picked up after school by a parent. This will prevent the distribution of the fundraising item during the school day (which violates the wellness policy) and allows the parent to make decisions on the allocation of the product and nutritional needs for their child. 


  Physical Activity

  • Students have opportunities to be physically active before, during and after school:
    • Morning Mile Program
    • Physical Education
    • Interscholastic athletics
  • Schools engage in nutrition and physical activity promotion and other activities that promote student wellness.
  • School staff are encouraged and supported to practice healthy nutrition and physical activities outside the classroom:
    • Fit One gym membership discount
    • Water fountains with features for filling water bottles

Other school-based activities

  • The community is engaged in supporting the work of NCS in creating continuity between the school and other settings for students and staff to practice lifelong healthy habits:
    • Walk to School Day
    • Safe Routes to School
    • Outdoor recreation opportunities
    • Summer Camps
      • Tennis
      • Get Fit
      • Basketball
      • Volleyball
      • Environmental activities Outdoor Adventure


Nutrition Standards and Guidelines

School Wellness Committee:

  • Norton City Schools will form a committee that will meet quarterly to establish goals for and to oversee school healthy and safety policies and programs. A periodic review and update of the wellness policy will be conducted by the committee.
  • The membership of the committee will be represented by both schools and include to the extent possible, but not limited to parents, students, representatives of the school nutrition program, teachers and administrators, school board members, and health professionals.


  • The Superintendent or designee will facilitate development and updates to the wellness policy and will ensure each school’s compliance with the policy.
  • Marketing on the school campus during the school day is permitted only for those foods and beverages that meet the nutrition standards under 7 C.F.R. § 210.11, serve to promote student health, reduce and prevent childhood obesity, and combat problems associated with poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Norton City Schools Food Service Director will make the final determination for allowable foods and beverages that are NOT sold and for those that are sold to students on the school campus.

Implementation, Monitoring, Accountability and Community Engagement

  • Norton City Schools will develop and maintain a plan within each school for determining roles and responsibilities, actions and timelines, as well as meeting specific goals for nutrition standards for all foods and beverages available on the school campus food and beverage marketing, nutrition promotion and education, physical activity and other school based activities that promote student wellness. 


Record keeping:

  • Norton City Schools will retain records to document compliance with the requirements of the wellness policy at the Central Office and on our District website:
    • The written wellness policy
    • Documentation that the policy has been made to the public
    • Documentation of committee meetings and efforts to review and update the Local school wellness policy Documentation to demonstrate compliance with the annual public notification requirements

The most recent assessment on the implementation of the local school wellness policy and its availability to the public.


The School Board encourages parents, students, representatives of the school food authority, teachers of physical education, school health professionals, school administrators and the general public to participate in the development, implementation and periodic review and update of this policy by actively informing families and the public each year via the district website and/or district wide communications. Norton City Schools will provide as much information as possible about the school nutrition environment.  A summary of events and activities will be provided as they relate to the wellness policy implementation. Annually, Norton City Schools will publicize the name and contact information of the leadership coordinating the committee as well as how the public can get involved with the school wellness committee.


The Superintendent, in collaboration with the Food Service Director is responsible for implementing and enforcing this policy. At least every three years, Norton City Schools will evaluate/measure compliance with the wellness policy to assess the implementation of the policy and include:

  • The extent to which schools of the division are following the wellness policy.
  • The Food Service Director is responsible for monitoring schools’ compliance with the wellness policy.
  • Norton City Schools will notify households/families of the availability of the triennial progress report.


Implementation procedures include measuring and making available to the public, at least once every three years, an assessment of the implementation of the policy, including the extent to which schools are in compliance with the policy, the extent to which this policy compares to model school wellness policies and a description of the progress made in attaining the goals of the policy. The results of the triennial assessment are considered in updating the policy.


The School Board retains the following records to document compliance with 7 C.F.R. § 210.31:

  • The policy;
  • Documents demonstrating compliance with community involvement requirements, including requirements to make the policy and triennial assessments available to the public; and documentation of the triennial assessment of the policy.



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