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NCS Mission

Norton City Schools Mission Statement 

Norton City Schools will provide a safe learning environment where each student is engaged and instruction is personalized and differentiated. Delivery of instruction to each student will be adjusted as a result of formal and informal assessments by knowledgeable teachers who provide engaging instruction and relevant curricula. Administrators, teachers, and staff will build strong personal relationships with each student in order to develop appropriate individualized goals for academic growth.  All stakeholders will work together to nurture each student’s social, physical and intellectual growth, to empower each student with the skills to become a responsible citizen, a lifelong learner, and a leader in the global community.

Committed to Excellence – One Student at a Time 

Norton City Schools Vision Statement 

Norton City Schools will be a safe environment where students with diverse needs and backgrounds receive a world-class education that prepares them for a career or college. By being Committed to Excellence on a daily basis, we will empower all students to be productive citizens who can solve problems on a local and global level.  We will inspire all students to be creative, teach them to think critically, enable them to work well as an individual or on a team, and expose them to 21st Century innovations, as we prepare them to have a significant impact on the world.

Providing a World Class Education for World Changing Students

Norton City Schools Statement of Beliefs 

We believe:

Norton City Schools are special.

Opportunities to learn in a high quality and safe environment should always be our top priority.

Relationships are built on mutual respect between students and staff. These relationships lead to a familial atmosphere that is connected to the success of our schools.

Tomorrow’s leaders should leave our schools as critical thinkers who are prepared to solve local, national, and global problems in college and/or a career.

Our policies and procedures are in place to help ensure that our students and staff meet their individualized high expectations.

Norton City Schools strives to recruit and retain high-quality employees who are accountable for providing an aligned curriculum in a creatively effective manner.

Communication should be regular and relevant between stakeholders in order to encourage parental engagement and community support which are critical elements of successful schools.

Innovatively researched based instructional strategies should be used in every classroom.

Teaching occurs outside the classroom as well, so we should offer an array of extension services in addition to extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities.

Yearly, we should set individualized and high expectations for all students because all students can learn.